The Links Bridge Club

The Links Bridge is the largest bridge club in South Africa. Before Covid-19 arrived, The Links hosted various club games from its premises in Johannesburg. Since April 2020 however, all tournaments have been hosted online, on Bridge Base Online. Feel free to join our community online. Our tournaments take place twice daily, at 10:00 & 15:00 during the week, and 09:30 & 14:00 on weekends. All games cost $2.50. We also host a free Individual tournament on Sundays at 16:50, for members. 

Latest News:

It's with a sad heart that The Links' has heard about the passing of Brian Young.

He was a long time member of The Links. Despite his impressive age, Brian managed to frequently request Uber rides to the club, and had no problem with the transition to online bridge, where he could often be seen with a robot.

Our sympathies go out to his family and friends. ❤️


At the start of each round, please give a brief description of your basic system, leads and carding.

Eg: 5 card majors, 15-17NT. Std leads, udca (low is enc)

Eg: Precision club (1C=16+) 14-16NT. Std leads and carding (high enc).

Please make use of the "Chat manager", to save this message, which then only requires a couple of clicks to send to the table chat each round. For video instructions on how to do this, go to:  (Credit: Paul Gibson)

Alerts and Explanations:

Players are expected to alert and explain in full, all artificial and conventional bids.

Failure to do so may result in misinformation, and possible damage to the opponents. 

Bridge is a game of full disclosure, so whatever agreements you have with your partner, your opponents are entitled to know this. Explaining your bids when you make them, will often also save time, as opponents won't be required to request an explanation later on.

When explaining, use as much detail as possible. Avoid the names of conventions, especially 2 suiters like Ghestem/Michaels/Hamilton. Players get these wrong, or play them differently, so rather be more specific. Eg. "spades + minor". Or "hearts + clubs". This will also avoid misinformation to the opponents, if either you or your partner forget system.

Adjustments may be made by the TD, if bids are not fully alerted, and damage is caused as a result.