The Links face-to-face Bridge

Live bridge has resumed at The Links!

For the time being, only Saturdays are currently being played face-to-face at The Links.

Please feel free to join us by 13:45 on Saturdays, where we'll usually play 24 boards, finishing around 17:10.

Players are required to be double vaccinated and certificates sent in advance to

To access your certificate, go to

Please ensure the file is saved as a pdf or jpeg, so that the barcode can be read.


Masks will be mandatory when walking around or changing tables indoors. Players may remove their masks if all 4 players at a table are in agreement to doing so. Please be respectful if a player wishes for their table to keep their masks on. 

Playing fees: R50/player/session

No money will be transacted with on the premises. Players will have a prepaid credit balance which will require loading in advance via EFT. All playing fees for the various live clubs at The Links will be deducted from this account. Credits can be EFT'd into the following account:

Bridge S A The Links

Bank: Nedbank
Account #: 1756009600
Account type: Current account
Branch code: 198765

Ref: Links credit + name/sabf#

Please note that EFT's may take several days to reflect, so payments should be made well in advance and proof of payment may be sent (but not necessary) to:

Details about Saturday Links & Online BBO tournament membership can be found here.

Details for face-to-face bridge (To be applied to Saturday sessions, and probably carried forward to the smaller private club sessions as well):

  • Cost will be R50/player. (Any player who needs assistance with this fee, may email with your details, and we'll help).

  • Masks will be mandatory. 

  • All windows and doors will be opened for maximum airflow. (This may cause drafts, so players should bring layers to cater to this as well as air-con usage)

  • Saturday registration between 13:00 - 13:45. Session to commence between 13:50 & 13:55. 

  • Players will be checked when registering if they've submitted vaccine certificates, and have sufficient credit in their playing accounts.  Certificates and proof of payment may be submitted at the club, but would be preferred if sent in advance to

  • It is hoped 24 boards will be played on Saturdays, depending on the attendance numbers. 

  • Hot beverages and cold water will be provided.

  • Hand sanitizers will be accessible throughout the facilities.

  • Cards will be used, as in the past.

  • Bidding boxes will be "owned" by each player, for the session. 

  • North at each table will be responsible for the entering and controlling the bridgetab. Other players may view the results, but may not operate the bridgetab at any time. 

  • North/South will be responsible for moving the boards.

  • It is advisable to sanitize frequently.

  • Saturday prizes will be given out as credit for future playing sessions.