Robots on BBO

Players are permitted to rent a robot to play with in pairs tournaments. This is a service offered by BBO, and costs $0.25/tournament. The robot plays a natural 2/1 system, with what appears to be standard carding and signals (high encouraging), but don't trust this completely, as it can sometimes be random.
When playing in a tournament, use a mouse pointer to hover over a bid which the robot makes, or a bid you want to potentially make, to see the description of how the robot will interpret the bid. This also works with a finger tap on a mobile device (phone/ipad), but be careful not to press the bid, unless you have the "confirm bids" option enabled in your BBO settings.
You can find their system notes below. 
To enter with a robot, find the tournament in Virtual Clubs, and on the registration screen will be a blue button which says "Play with Robot (0.25 BB$)". Click this, and you'll be registered to play. 
If you want to change your mind, simply click on the "Cancel" button, and deregister. 

Due to the high number of players renting robots during certain tournaments, we will occasionally have "No Robot" sections for some sessions. If these occur, there will likely be a different section which is open to robots, which will commence with enough tables, otherwise cancelled.